Blog | Book a Photo Shoot, You Deserve It!

Gone are the days when only the supermodels have the right to make those fabulous poses on photographs. When you think of a photo shoot, you most likely envision a model, a photographer, and a skillfully crafted setup – are we right? Well, we’re here to break that idea.

Not only do beautiful models create killer photo snaps, but you can also impress your friends and family with your own thing. Self-portrait has been a popular way or form of expression from the time man saw his own reflection. And this, my friend, is one good way of showing off your true self. We’ll help craft a portrait that perfectly represents you and your own personal taste.

Here are some themes you may want for your creative portrait photos:

1. Black and White
black and white


Black and white portraits exhibit not the immediate appearance of the photo, but the depth and layers of meaning in the absence of color. 


2. Carefree

Photo shoot portrait


Tagging it as carefree, these kinds of portraits are treated with care, creativity and a good backdrop.


3. Vintage


For some people, nothing beats the classic timeless elegance of vintage.



4. Crazy and Messy

The crazy, messy yet beautiful portraits — an expression of fun and free spirited life.

Treat yourself with a well-crafted portrait, something that you won’t regret doing so. There are a bunch of crazy fun ideas out there and it’s your time to take a good snap out of something from deep within.

Book a photo shoot today! Something Pretty specializes in providing concept and styling services for events or photoshoot. For inquiries, please feel free to leave us an email at

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