Blog | Cuteness Overload! Photo Collection of Kids with their Pet Dogs

A dog can be more than just a pet for a kid – it can also be a great companion and a wonderful friend. Children normally enjoy having a pet. Running and playing around with their pet dogs encourages them to be more active and healthy. Studies also show that a growing relationship between a child and his or her pet dog can be beneficial to one’s emotional well-being.

Having a dog at home can add a lot to the quality of a child’s life. We at Something Pretty recommend you to bring a new dog home – your kid will surely love it!

To inspire you more, we have collected some of the cutest kiddie photos with their best buddy:

Daily Dog Tag - girl with her pet dog

Source: Daily Dog Tag | Focus Elvis

Reshade - baby boy with his pet dog

Source: Reshade | Wallpaper

baby boy and dog in basket

Souce: Chestnut Hill Local | Photos of kids ‘focus’ of new Chestnut Hill business

girl with a dog

Source: Brian Henry’s Quick Brown Fox | “My kids are begging for a pet” a true story by Susan Crossman

Funny Pics - Kids and Pets

Source: Funny Pics | Kids and Pets

Dog with girl in a studio

Source: Jack Dog Studio | Rocky and Natalia

boy with pet dog

Source: Aliki Salmas Photographer

New Dog with kid

Source: Akemi Photography | A Checklist for Introducing a New Dog to your Children

Our team as well can take lovely pictures of your kid and his or her pet dog! We at Something Pretty can help create the cutest portrait session for you. Something Pretty specializes in providing concept and styling services for events or photo shoots. For inquiries, please feel free to send us an email at

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