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Preparing Your Child for a Photo Shoot

Preparing your child for a photo shoot shouldn’t be so stressful.  As long as you’ve done your homework and planned in advance, everything should run seamlessly.

I’m all for candid shots especially for shooting portraits of children, but that shouldn’t mean we shouldn’t make at least a few preparations before the shoot. If you want to have beautiful portraits of your little one and you want them to have fun, ask yourself the succeeding questions, and keep your answers in mind before scheduling a shoot.

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1. How old is my child?

As parents, we are compelled to make the most out of our child’s portrait session. We might have a particular theme in mind and props or costumes that we would like to use. But before you get all excited about getting your daughter dressed as Cinderella or your son dressed as Peter Pan, ask yourself first whether or not a particular theme is suitable for your child.



If it’s your daughter’s first shoot and she is only a month old, then maybe it wouldn’t be such a good idea to make her wear a flamboyant gown yet. She might just drown in all that chiffon. Several natural-looking naked and nappy shots and a few shots with mom and dad would look really great. A few sleeping shots would be nice, too. You can use a favorite blankie or maybe a small head dress as props for the shoot.

On the other hand, if you have a seven-year-old boy who’s active beyond expectation, it should be a good time to bring out all those outfits and encourage motion shots.

2. At what time of the day is my child in the best mood?

If you want sleeping shots of your delicate infant, then it would be best to arrive at the studio at least 30 minutes before naptime to give him a little time to get used to the surroundings before he takes his nap. This applies also if the studio has centralized air conditioning and your baby might need to adjust to the room temperature. You can even nurse your baby before he takes a nap.



If you have a nine-month-old however and you want him smiling and moving about in his photos, make sure that he’s had his nap and has been fed before the shoot. You don’t want to go through the trouble of preparing a fancy shoot for a cranky baby. Try to remember at what time your baby is most active and at the best mood, and bring him to the venue of the shoot at least half an hour before.

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3. What defines my child’s personality?         

This question applies especially to bigger children. If your son is the athletic or outdoorsy type, an outdoor shoot is recommended. Allow him to use props and costumes that help define his personality. If your daughter is the artistic and spunky type however, do not force her to wear pink lace, chiffon, and pearls that would make her feel absolutely uncomfortable. You don’t want your child frowning in every shot.



If you have smaller children, you can still ask yourself this question. If you have a eight-month old who is fond of teddy bears, then maybe you can have a couple of small teddy bears or maybe one oversized bear in the photo. If your four-year-old daughter is crazy about fairies, then maybe you can dress her up as a fairy in the meadow.



So before scheduling that momentous portrait session for your child, ask yourself these questions and let your answers guide you towards having a fuss-free photo shoot. We at Something Pretty can help recreate a dreamy moment for that perfect photo.  Something Pretty specializes in providing concept and styling services for events or photo shoots. For inquiries, please feel free to send us an email at

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