Blog | Quintessential Halloween Costumes for Kids

Halloween is just around the corner, and we’re sure that you’re all excited to dress up your little ones in time for trick or treat. We don’t always want our kids to look scary, and more often than not we prefer them to be at their absolute cutest. Year after year there are costumes that kids opt for and here are some of them — the quintessential costumes that our little boys and girls never ever tire of.
The Royal Princess
There comes a time in a little girl’s life when she realizes that becoming a princess is her ultimate desire. Thanks to Disney and its reincarnation of timeless fairytales, little girls all around the world aspire to be Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, or Snow White at some point in their lives. And every year, Halloween just happens to be the perfect excuse to wear tiaras and saunter around in tulle around as the princess of their dreams.
Halloween Costume | Fairy

The Fairy

What’s a fairytale without a fairy? Fairies are important, you know. What would have happened to Cinderella if not for her fairy godmother? And what about Sleeping Beauty?

If your little girl doesn’t want to be the royal princess this year, chances are she’d want to be a fairy. Not the fairy godmother kind. I’m afraid, but the Tinkerbell kind; still frilly and garbed in tulle, tights, and of course wings and a magic wand, and possibly a tiara, if it’s a fairy princess she has in mind.


The Mermaid

Thanks to the belief that mermaids are beautiful creatures with perfect bodies and gorgeous hair with starfish as hair clips, little girls adore looking like half-fish with their ankles together practically the whole time, under one condition: their scaly costumes ought to be made of glitter and sparkle, of course!


The Super Hero or Villain

In as much as little boys want to wear sugar, spice and everything nice, boys don’t want anything to do with the frilly details I’m afraid. The super hero is the counterpart of the royal princess in your son’s imagination; he just has to be Spider Man, Batman, or Iron Man, or Superman at some point, and a great opportunity for him to show off his superhuman skills just happens to be Halloween.

As for the little girls, it’s a chance to be Woman Woman, or perhaps Catwoman.


The Pirate

Your seven-year-old boy will probably only wear a ruffled top if it comes with an eye patch and a mean hook. Little boys aren’t as crazy about portraying the prince in fairytales, but they do love the idea of being buccaneers, riding a ship in the open sea.

Little girls can be pirates too!

The Little Monsters

In a world full of mermaids, princesses, fairies, pirates, and super heroes, some kids would still want to maximize Halloween and be their scariest (and cutest) best. You’ll surely find a bunch of little devils, witches, skeletons, ghosts and Draculas on Halloween, along with a couple of werewolves and Frankensteins. And since vampires and zombies are ‘in’ these days, expect to see them lurking around too!

These are just some of the costumes kids like to wear on Halloween, but there are tons of other Halloween costume ideas out there for you and your kids. Whatever costume your kids decide to wear, what’s important is that they are safe and comfortable with what they’re wearing and that they have a grand time with friends and family as they gather sweet treats on Halloween. It only happens once a year, so make the most of it!


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