Blog | Preparing For Your Wedding: Why Go DIY?

A wedding is one of the most important events in the life of a couple. It marks the start of a lifetime together and the beginning of many more firsts that they will encounter.

Planning, preparation, and sometimes even practice are necessary for the ideal wedding. The venue, decors, gowns of the bride and the entourage, suits of the groom and groomsmen, food, music, program and even the souvenirs just need to be perfect on that perfect day.

More often than not, it’s the bride who exerts all the extra effort and goes into every intricate detail. The groom is usually just willing to play along and cater to every whim of his future wife. It’s all so easy (but rather expensive) to book a wedding planner who will make the arrangements, book the suppliers, and mind the details for you. All you have to do is pick the colors and the theme, appear on dress fittings, and say ‘Yay’ or ‘Nay.’ However, a hands-on approach will help ensure that you will be happy with the results, that your wedding will be exactly as you’d imagined.

If you want to take being hands on a step further and go beyond telling a wedding planner that you want a Hollywood-themed wedding and the reception to be held at the swankiest hotel in town, then you might want to opt for a do-it-yourself approach. I’m not suggesting that you try to sew your own gown and cook the entree, but there are certain elements of your wedding that could use a personalized touch. Here are some of them:

Pre-Nup Photos

If you are going to have pre-nup photos taken, a DIY approach is highly recommended. This way, you can tell the story of you and your partner through the props and wardrobe that you will use. Do you like to have picnics? Do a picnic set-up complete with the gingham mat and the basket. Are you leather and big bike enthusiasts? Then go clad in black leather and ride a big bike! Are you a ballerina? Wear a tutu by all means and have a swan-lake themed pre-nup photo.

Of course, it would enormously help if you get a stylist for the shoot just so she can lay it all out for you, but be sure to provide her with all the input she needs and your personal items that she can use.


Wedding Invitations

DIY invitations for your hundred or so guests might seem overwhelming, but it is something that you can actually accomplish. If you do not have a good and reliable printer and you can’t get presentable stationery to print on, you can actually have the printing outsourced but still personalize them by creating your own design. Inject your personality and the theme of your wedding into the layout. If you opt to use a template prescribed by your supplier, you can request to add a few embellishments to the invitations, or even add them yourself.


Wedding Flowers

This may seem a little tricky. Your trusted florist might be very particular with her craft, or you might not exactly be apt at flower arrangements. What you can do though, is to personally choose and even purchase the ribbons and other ornaments that you want to go with your bouquets, flower crowns and boutonnieres. Give explicit instructions to your florist on how you want the flowers to look. Let teddy bears hug the bouquet if you wish.


Wedding Venue Decor

Of course you’d want to make an impression on your guests once they walk into your venue. If it’s a boho-chic wedding they’re attending then they’d probably want to see a few lanterns, dream catchers, beads and lamps floating around the venue. If it’s a Victorian wedding then maybe you can include a few old-world elements into the decor. You don’t even have to spend a lot to buy furniture and decor; you can recreate these pieces with cheap and lightweight materials such as wood and paper mache.


Wedding Centerpieces

The centerpiece on the tables during the reception can greatly affect the mood of your guests. This may sound far-fetched, but imagine what guests initially pay attention to once they’re seated and the food isn’t ready yet: the centerpiece on the table. A charming centerpiece makes a great conversation piece especially amongst guests who are seated together but met only at your wedding. You can personalize your wedding centerpieces so that they embody your personality, wedding theme and colors, and the season as well.


Wedding Favors

After the program and dinner is over and drinks and dessert have been served, your guests would expect small trinkets for them to bring home and of course you would want them to bring home something that will remind them of the wedding and something that they will actually like. Don’t fall into the trap of giving out something generic just because of cost constraints. There are many wedding favors that you can make on your own and the great thing about making them on your own is that you can ensure that the favors you’ll be giving away are lovely little things that you poured so much effort into making. Personalized wedding favors can be edible like chocolates, or cupcakes that you can bake. Or you can buy candy in bulk and package them yourself. You may also opt for small ornamental plants and tie a bow around it, or maybe place a sticker and ribbon on scented candles you purchased from a store. The possibilities are endless!


These are just a few things you can do to personalize your wedding preparations. Your guests, especially those who truly know you and your partner, will surely appreciate the creative and personal touch you’ve applied to the different aspects and elements of your wedding.

A DIY approach may seem tedious and time consuming, but what you can do is plan ahead and enlist the help of friends and family members. Order some pizza and refreshments and schedule a day or two for making the stuff in your DIY wedding list. It’ll be a great opportunity for you to bond and to tick a few items off your list. Or better yet, contact Something Pretty Manila at We can assist you with DIY handmade crafts for your big day!

Photos by Sugarpuff Photography

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