DIY | Glow in the Dark Jar

This is so easy and so fun to do!

DIY | Glow in the Dark Jar

You will need the following:
👉 Jar with lid
👉 Glow sticks
👉 Scissors
👉 Pliers
👉 Glue (optional)
👉 Glitters (optional)

DIY | Something Pretty Manila

Here’s how to do it:

Break glow stick and cut using your scissors. Shake the contents into a jar. You may use pliers to squeeze everything out. Add in some glitters for that full fairies-in-a-jar effect! The finer the ‘glitter’ the better. Seal the jar with a lid and shake!

For some, they use glue to keep the glitters sticking to the sides of the jar.

Try it, pretties! 💕✨

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